Commission Advances To Real Estate Agents

Commission Advances To Real Estate Agents

One of the toughest parts of being a real estate agent is managing lumpy cash flows. Unlike lots of professions that generate steady paychecks, agents only get paid when a property sells, and even then, the process of closing escrow and getting an earned commission can take a long time.

At Pinnacle, we understand how hard agents work to get paid, and how frustrating it can be to wait for a property transaction to close. We bridge the gap by offering real estate agents commission advances that allow immediate access to pending residential commission dollars.

A commission advance is not a loan. Instead, it is an agreement in which an agent sells a portion of a pending commission, sometimes up to 100%, for a fee. The only requirements are: 1) a purchase contract for a residential home, 2) a pending sale closing, 3) an active real estate license, 4) an escrow file, and 5) a bank account in the agent’s name.

Here’s what you won’t need to worry about: 1) Credit checks, 2) Social Security numbers, 3) Confidentiality – advances to agents are not disclosed to the title company or the broker.

Pinnacle can help you smooth out your cash flows and give you immediate access to your earned commission dollars. Call Dalton directly at (530) 313-3852 to learn more and receive a no-obligation assessment.

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